Welcome to Pinewood Ink! Here we are looking for all writers to submit their work to be edited and added to the website!

“If you wish to be a writer, write!” – Epictetus

Happy (end of) Summer!

Happy (end of) summer! We hope all of you have enjoyed your time away from school. However, as of today, there is about a month until school starts, and we would like to encourage you to start writing.

Even if you aren’t writing a ton, anything makes a difference. Maybe challenge yourself to a word count, or a specific type of writing you’ve never done before. Change it up, and experiment!

We are accepting submissions over the summer, if you have anything to send (though, we know that barely anyone is checking this site frequently). Throughout this next year, we hope to do more with Pinewood Ink, doing more story contests, posting more writing tools, and posting the stories sent to us.

Thank you to those who have submitted, and keep it up!

Submitting Your Work:

Step One: Create a story!   (If you want your story to be edited by our staff, we would appreciate a story at or less than 5,000 words. Please write your story in Google docs)

Step Two: Go to the “Submit Your Story” page. Please fill out the information in the spaces provided. Next copy and paste your story link into the comments section. (Please allow us to comment on your piece. Your story will not appear into the comment section, only in the appropriate genre tab in PDF form.)

Your story will be added to our website once it is edited. Please remember when creating your piece that everyone in the world could possibly read your story, so make sure it is appropriate.

Occasionally there will be opportunities to submit your work to writing contests that Pinewood Ink hosts. We will pick our top favorites from each category to win.